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Low Tunnel Solutions

Greenhouse farming has been rapidly growing in recent years as an alternative to open farming. It is mainly used to modify growth climatic conditions for accelerating plant maturity and optimizing crop yield.

Greenhouse plastic cover films is an essential product for the intensive farming of fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products like flowers.

In addition to the products, Taldeen expert team provides technical solutions to the farming industry in several geographic areas to maximize their yield and productivity.

  • Taldeen Low Tunnel Film is made of strong and durable plastic. This specialized plastic film comes in 5 layers.

  • Our state-of-the art machine allows us to give uniform thickness all around the film and to use several additives in a very efficient way.

  • Taldeen provides Low-Tunnel Solutions In several sizes starting from 1.5m up to 9m, with a thickness range of 70-120 microns.

  • Taldeen Low Tunnel Solutions come into 2 types which are:
    • Medium Standard Solution for different seasons which resist up to 350 ppm Sulfur per year.
    • High Standard Solution for different seasons which resist up to 650 ppm Sulfur per year.
  • UV stabilizers - our quality additive gives the film enhanced protection against the harmful effects of the sun, increasing its usable life. 

  • Taldeen also provides special additives to improve plant growth and yield productivity with their 2 types of films based on customer request such as:
    • Thermal Additive – reduce differences in temperature between day and night.   
    • Anti-fog additive - eliminate droplets by creating a continuous thin layer of water running down to the sides, thus improving transparency and reducing fungus. 
    • Light Diffuser Additive – to distribute the light uniformly to the complete area of the greenhouse, thus will increase plant growth.

Taldeen technical team are ready to provide any support and recommendation.



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